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Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation

Are you looking for the best value electricity and supply contract for your business?

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Account Management

Account Management

Account management can be a drain on resources. We can negotiate the best contract on your behalf.

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Chance of Tenancy

Chance of Tenancy

We will handle all utility matters concerned with moving out of and into business premises.

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Meter Upgrades

New Supplies & Meter Changes

Are you opening a new site, do you need a gas or electricity supply changed or a meter moved?

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For Practical Energy Broking and Consulting Solutions

Key to Your Business Needs

For a business seeking support services, there has to be a noticeable improvement in systems, a brand new solution or a positive effect on the income of the company to consider the support services worthwhile.

At Utility Assist, we dedicate our efforts to offering companies practical solutions that have an overall impact on the business and we have the results to prove it.

We do this by working with your current people or if need be, we add some expertise. As we do this, we keep in mind the control of direct costs. Our main focus remains to ensure that your company or organization is not weighed down by escalating energy costs.

As a business, we offer two broad solutions namely:

  • Energy Broking
  • Energy Consulting

Energy Broking Solutions

With so many players involved in the energy industry, you may find it challenging securing contracts as each supplier uses different terms and pricing formulas.

At Utility Assist, we major in assisting individual businesses, organizations and corporate clients make savings on their electricity and commercial gas bills. Our strength lies in negotiating contracts on your behalf from our wide panel of reliable providers for the best offers of energy supplies.

Because each business has its unique energy needs, we use our rich experience to source for the most suitable contracts for businesses across various industries. The requirements of a single store are different from that of a national chain and we take that in to consideration and provide each business with its own customized solution.

Choosing an energy provider is not an easy task. We take pride in working with you to get a suitable provider who will offer you value for money. After all, any savings you make will have an impact on your company’s bottom line.

To begin the process, we find out what you consider important. It may be the renewable energy source, the price, or any other consideration. We are then in a position to negotiate with a utility company that has the service you are looking for. We therefore act as a link between you and the provider while seeking for a contract that offers you the best price.

We benefit by earning a commission from the suppliers who we conclude contracts with as opposed to charging our clients. This is the main reason we have get the best contracts for you because if you are not satisfied, you do not take the contract. If you fail to take up the contract, we do not earn anything from the provider. However, should you prefer another arrangement, we can work out a pre-agreed fixed rate for our negotiation services.

Energy Consulting

The provision of energy negotiation services remains our most important service. But, we realize there are some benefits of offering additional services. In addition to our core service, we also offer other related services.

Sometimes, clients are not clear on who to contact in case they have a problem with the energy provider. Calling their call center may not get you the results you desire, but we may be in a position to help.

With a long list of contacts built over the years, we can use them to get results and save you unnecessary loss of money and time.

Our additional services include:

  • Offering assistance during a change of tenancy
  • Change of meters
  • A review of electricity capacity
  • Any challenges encountered with gas consumption
  • Advice and planning of energy efficiency matters
  • Guidance on energy legislation

We welcome you for a discussion on how we can assist with any of the above matters.

Our understanding of the energy industry is built on solid credentials, with our team having worked with two of the six main energy providers. We have a qualified energy manager who holds relevant qualifications from the Energy Institute. We also have an electrical engineer with vast experience in the electrical industry. Further, we have the necessary knowledge in gas brought on board by one of our members who has years of experience in gas connections.

Although we have a blend of experience, we sometimes encounter situations that require some specialty. This is not a problem to us because we make use of our database of reliable partners. We work together with them to solve any energy problems you may have. Our mission remains to provide you with the most suitable energy solutions based on your needs.

As fully participating members of the Utility Intermediaries Association Code of Practice, we maintain strict professional standards and the best practices in the industry. We also carry the mandatory professional indemnity insurance as well as a public liability cover.

We provide our panel of suppliers with market feedback on a regular basis and also keep comprehensive client records for audit whenever required.

If you wish to benefit from our vast experience and expertise, we welcome you to contact us today. We look forward to assisting you reduce your energy costs and offering you advice on all matters related to energy.

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